The Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (AAPLAC) facilitates and supports study abroad programming among Latin American, Caribbean and US institutions of higher learning and organizations dedicated to the promotion of cross-cultural, academic-based experiences.


  • To serve as a resource center for the diffusion of cross-cultural information to participating and institutions and communities.
  • To identify, challenge, and minimize cross-cultural barriers within the region.
  • To seek out and develop exchanges, funding resources, and on-going dialogues between US and Latin American educators.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of cross-cultural misunderstandings and successes.
  • To promote inter-cultural development and cross-cultural understanding among students, educators, program coordinators, study abroad advisers, and administrators.
  • To maintain a data base of program information specific sites, academic focus, and support services, on US academic programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • To encourage the incorporation of study abroad experience into regular curriculum offering of all institutions of higher learning.

AAPLAC Executive Board 2017-2018

  • George Ann Huck (Central College), Executive Director
  • Tiago Jones (Campbell University), President
  • Scott Giltner (Culver-Stockton College), Vice President
  • Lauren Schellenberger (Culver-Stockton College), Treasurer
  • Laura Wise (Tulane University), Secretary
  • Stephanie Athey (Lasell College), Membership Chair
  • Peggy James (University of Wisconsin-Parkside), At-Large
  • Kathleen McInerney (St. Xavier University), At-Large
  • Søren Peterson, Webmaster (non-voting)